The history of SAFE

In 2017 we had the idea to implement a system of automatic accident detection in cars. SAFE was born.  

We thought a lot about the ergonomics of the application. Everyone must be able to use it, whatever his age and with the greater ease. It also needs to be compatible with almost every transportation mode possible. 

Since the creation of our application, we are constantly working on it to make it more optimized, but also in order to make the application able to protect you in the most efficient way possible.  


Q.     I don’t want to use SAFE for myself but can I subscribe to the application for my children and receive the alerts of danger                          without needing to pay a subscription for me ?

             Sure ! The only paying functionalities are the one of automatic accident detection and sending of alerts. 

             You can easily receive alerts, without needing to pay a subscription for yourself. You only need to download the application on the                     store !

Q.   What are you doing with my personal data ?


            Your personal data are stored in a secured way inside our computer host. Our policy is to refuse to sell these informations to third                      parties. The only persons that have knowledge about these data are you and us (SAFE).

Q.     The application alerts me frequently but uselessly. What can I do to solve this problem?


              We have implemented in our application a functionality of abnormal speed variations detection. In function of your driving mode                      and of the type of transport used, the application may alert you uselessly. If it’s the case for you, please deactivate this function in                      the vehicle model menu.

               If the problem still persists, do not hesitate to contact SAFE support at the following address :

Q.     I have a problem with my SAFE app. Could you help me please ?


             You can contact us at any moment for a technical support at the following address :